With capacity for 25 participants, South Lakes Aqua Park offers a great ‘Total Wipeout’ style fun day. Our brand new inflatable park has something for everyone. 

We offer full equipment rental, changing and showering facilities, as well as our lakeside bar and cafe. Be sure to check out our other activities at CN Watersports to make your day even more action packed!

Check out some of our park features below


Climb up nearly 7ft to be the king of the mountain! Finish off your triumph by leaping off and making a splash or sliding down with speed.


Named after the popular god of the sea! Who can get across faster? Race yourself or and apponent across the balance beam. We won’t discourage some foul play!


The name gives it away. To get over this balance beam you will be dancing the foxtrot. Will you make it or will you be swimming. We are pretty sure its going to be swimming! 


Climb over the high roads or explore the inner passages; there are countless ways to traverse this challenge! For those who choose to linger, interior mesh floors create outrageous splash zones for up to 4 participants